Friday, December 14, 2012

It's The Holiday Season

After Hurricane Sandy it took a good week to get back to normal life.  Now that life is back to normal the girls are excited to be in the thick of the holiday season.  Christmas can't come soon enough!  This weekend is going to be great.  Saturday night is the first holiday party that Ismay and Indigo plan to host together in their apartment.  The tree is up.  The decorations are on.  The pantry is stocked with various flavors of hot chocolate and tons of mini marshmallows!

Happy Holidays!!!

Waffles Won't Cut It

Hurricane Sandy hit hard.  The winds were swirling angrily and the rain was hitting the earth like daggers.  They watched from their windows as the water crept further and further up the street until it just about reached their lobby door.  The girls were without power for about a week!  They read books by candlelight and survived on sandwiches for a while.  Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, they even tried to make waffles over a bunch of candle flames, but eventually the candlelight made Ismay dizzy, the fumes gave Indigo a headache, and they ran out of frozen waffles.  Can anyone take us in?!

Friday Mornings

Aww I remember this spring morning!
I was drinking a chai latte.  YUM!

Winter is here, but the girls long for those distant spring days when the weather was warm and the days were long.  However, Ismay and Indigo are anxious to do their Christmas shopping.  Ismay loves trying to figure out the perfect gift to get everyone she knows and imagining their smiling faces when they unwrap their perfect packages.  Indigo can't wait to get the shopping over with.  She detests crowds and mobs of people and long lines.  In fact, maybe she will do all her shopping online.